Sunday, July 27, 2008

Argentine domestic airports

The domestic airports in Argentina are not the most intelligently designed places in the world. Montreal´s airport (I can´t remember the code) made me cranky because it took forever to get rid of the luggage that I wanted to check in, and it was after passing through several types of lines for various customs issues, but at least the important stuff, like places to shop and get food and reading materials, was located after security. But in Aeroparque Jorge Newberry (AEP), the only newsstand is located before security. But at least AEP has a nice café-cum-bar and a fast food place and a duty free. The Iguazú airport (IGR) has its only restaurant before security, and no newsstands, just a bunch of expensive artisan shops. (Only one past security) So if your flight is delayed and you didn´t bring anything to do, you´re shit out of luck.

As I waited in IGR, then, I fantasized about Iguazú during a full moon night. For five days every month the Iguazú park offers moonlight walks all the way to Devil´s Throat. It´s a shame the moon was a waning crescent when we went, because I´d have loved to see the falls at night under the moon. That´s what I want for my honeymoon, I think. The photographs I saw of the falls on a full moon night looked less like photographs and more like the sort of artwork I put on my laptop wallpaper when it´s not Marlon Brando circa Streetcar Named Desire or JD from Scrubs. (The latter would be the one who´s so lucky as to join me in Iguazú by moonlight in my daydreams.) And perhaps we´d see jaguars and pumas and toucans and of course, more coatíes.

We did board the plane on time, which gives me hope for my flight home (well, to Miami). And I´ll say this much for LAN - the snack selection is far better than what I´ve seen on any North American plane. LAN doesn´t give crappy pretzels, it gives saltines, Havanna cookies and a little Havanna alfajor. Would that United would have offered Triscuit and Starbucks brand biscotti and madeleines. I hope dinner and breakfast are better than what United gave too.

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