Friday, July 18, 2008

Tool - Aenema, brownie points if you figure out the label of this post

When I was 16, my family took a trip to California, and naturally, one of our stops was Los Angeles. There I saw the excess and frippery of the rich clashing in a most blasphemous way with the ubiquity and pathos of the panhandlers. The designs of the McDonald´s franchises were luxurious, but the interiors were in dire need of cleaning, especially the bathrooms. And the panhandlers were outside, inside, everywhere. Alongside them you´d find the Paris Hilton types, living proof that we can indeed have silicon-based life forms. They´d be decked out in their Jimmy Choo shoes and Fendi handbags and Oakley shades and whatever the hell else labels they wear. Navigating through the crowds was an absolute nightmare.
Being on the Calle Florida yesterday made my memories of LA come back with a vengeance.

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