Friday, July 4, 2008

Friday, 4 July

I had a proper shower with nice body lotion and fresh clothes for the first time this week. Julieta left before me and left a few pieces of toast and orange marmalade. I didn´t have much time, so I wolfed down two of the three pieces. I was locked inside for a good minute before I figured out that I need the key to let myself out as well as in.

At least something in Argentina makes me miss something about the USA. The prospect of never getting out terrifies me infinitely worse than that of any break-in. This is why most people´s flats in India make me uneasy. And the latrines are a downright nightmare, not because of the stench or the uncomfortable positioning, but because of the latch on the outside that anyone can use to lock you in. I did that once to my cousin as a prank. I´m pretty sure the punishment given to me is a repressed memory. This is why locks in the US are no longer made like that, not after one abusive husband imprisoned his wife that way. To be fair, he also disconnected the phone lines.

And I´m now looking forward to dressing up to learn the tango tonight. Yay. We´re now current.

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