Sunday, July 13, 2008

sweating, dancing, accents

We went dancing Thursday night with Alejandro, and it was much better than last week, because the beginner Cuban salsa lessons actually got through to me. The instructor made rounds amongst everyone, which definitely helped. And I think I know why everyone wore gloves to balls back in the day; the beginner dancers were sweating to a man, and it was warm in there... I liked that the place was right near my homestay.

A thing I´ve noticed is that Americans are accused of butchering other languages, and that´s a legitimate criticism, especially true with French. And I don´t claim to sound like a native Frenchwoman, hardly. But I can say with 100% confidence that at least I don´t cling to my American English phonetic inventory with the sort of jingoistic pride I´ve seen amongst other people, and that´s why I found it insulting that when I spoke in French to a bartender in Montreal he responded to me in English. And American professors who study French, like really study French, to become professors of French, well they try to sound French. But Argentines - even linguistics professors - keep their native accents with pride.

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