Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Main Street over Wall Street, part two

The bus route was subverted because of the manifestaciones going on. From the bus we could still see tons of people carrying Argentine flags, wearing Argentine flags, hanging Argentine flags, selling Argentine flags... and the full moon shone brightly at 4 in the afternoon. There was a kind of visceral thrill in the air that I felt, and I´m pretty sure the guys did too. Were I not too busy taking photographs, my thoughts would have drifted back to my mind´s eye´s version of Riquelme.

A few stops and a few hundred photographs later, the bus stopped outside the museum where Profesora Julia was waiting. We meant to enter, but everyone working there had joined the demonstration so the public couldn´t go in. That would probably be the case with the Japanese gardens too, so we did what anyone else who needed an educational experience would do, and ourselves joined the throng. It wasn´t dangerous, I wasn´t worried about getting injured or attacked, but I was worried about losing the group and about dehydration. I also needed a piss, although I got caught up enough in the moment to forget about my bladder and buy a quality Argentine flag.

Eventually we all felt hot and sweaty (in the dead of winter! And you doubt that global warming is real? The glacier in the southern tip of South America broke off recently, and it´s winter down here, not summer.) and thirsty and took the subte home. It wasn´t so bad, I got to sit this time. Julieta and Susana were positively ecstatic when I told them I bought a flag at the march.
So what was the march about? After biofuel caught on, the Kirschner administration decided to impose a high tax on soybeans, and the soybean farmers weren´t happy about that. Everyone is with the soybean farmers.

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Anonymous said...

whoaaa. sounds like fun in argentina except for the subte =( and i bet chinmay will be happy about the jersey. not much going on around here, but new laptops for chinmay and me!!! you should see them when you get back, plus i'm looking forward to seeing the hundreds of pictures you took with the camera. i got to see your postcard, and sorry to say, don't understand anything but my name (! yayay! ) in it, but yea. can't wait until you're back! -love from your cousin