Friday, July 4, 2008

Wednesday, 2 July, 2008, continued

The group then took a tour of the cemetery in Recoleta, searching desperately for Evita´s grave. We gave up the search due to the cold and the fact that we were scheduled to spend the whole day there in a few days time. We warmed up with warm, sweet peanuts from the street vendor. I believe it´s the only think, besides chestnuts, that you should buy on the street. Oh, that and kettle corn.

Our final destination was the Universidad de Belgrano (from here on out, UB), where we went over the rules.

1. Stay dry at GMU events.
2. Don´t be reason number 328 that the rest of the world hates the USA.

Dinner afterward was not a GMU event even though Profesora Julia came with a bunch of us to a new Mexican restaurant named Frida Kahlo, whose namesake graced every square inch of the place. And so I could finally have alcohol. I split a bottle of Argentine red wine with two other people, and the bottle cost around 30 pesos. The wine was fantastic. After paying my tab, it dawned on me that just because luxury in Argentina is inexpensive in relative terms, it doesn´t mean it´s inexpensive in absolute terms. I was already down upwards of 50 pesos, not including the 300 I spent at Give Me Many Kisses, and it hadn´t been two days.

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