Monday, July 21, 2008

India and incense

I´ve seen more Nag Champa being sold here than I ever did in India, and I wondered why. Perhaps it was because Buenos Aires had a lot of Hare Krishnas - the woman who gave me a facial was one, and had changed her named to Madhura or something, and when she learned I was Hindu, she assumed I´d be friendly to Hare Krishnas. The facial was a damn good one for a good price, which was the only reason I stomached her broken English and exhortations for me to come to Hare Krishna things with her, and the only reason I tolerated these devotional songs in butchered Sanskrit.
But no, even in El Tigre, I saw incense from India, and I asked Alejandro why all this Indian stuff was there, as Argentina is no Edison, New Jersey. It´s not like Britain, whose Indian food I really look forward to trying. Alejandro told me that Sai Baba is a very popular figure amongst Argentines, because of his ¨any path to God is good¨ philosophy. And hence, incense from India caught on too, I suppose.

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